Writer of the Month Nomination

Note: I posted this on my blog a while ago and forgot to update it here. I also added one link to a site I didn't even know reviewed my book.

My friends often tell me that I try to soften or mitigate all my successes, so I will just state the facts here.

I was nominated for Writer of the Month on Mrs. Condit Reads Books’ LGBT section. They gave me five out of five sweet peas (their versions of stars, apparently) for my first novel Winter’s Trial. From there, I think there is an elimination round and then all the books with two or more votes get nominated, people vote again, and the ones with the most votes go to the finals. I can’t seem to load who the finalists were, but it’s not going to kill me.

You know all those stars who say bullshit things like, “It was an honor just to be nominated” and you think, “Whatever, freakin’ liar. You want to WIN!”? Yeah, well, winning is great (I assume) but as a first time author with a novel that is very high end expensive and with a high page count for the genre, it was amazing.

I didn’t know about it until the voting was over (I just found out this weekend), but it truly was awesome to be nominated.

Almost all of my “professional” reviews, save one, have been 4-5 stars, so I guess it’s doing well. Here are some links to the rated reviews I have been able to find:

5 Sweet Peas


4 ½ stars


5+ kisses


4 ½ hearts


4 Nymphs


In addition to that, I’m apparently on several lists on Good Reads (a site I can’t decide if I loathe or love). My current low, low, LOW placement on those lists makes me giggle, but I’m on them nonetheless.

I’m on:

Best M/M Book by a Debut Author of 2013

Best Gay Romance with Abused/Traumatized Characters

M/M Books with Themes of Restricted Freedom and Personal Choice (wtf?)

Best Gay Shifters

I’ve also had some very wonderful people go out of their way to reach out to me, be it on Facebook, my blog, or here, and that’s wonderful. I had another one this weekend, and I appreciate every last one of them. There aren’t words to express how satisfying it is to have produced something you love and to find that other people love it, too.

Not bad, I guess. Right?