Better Late Than Never -- Snow Queen

So, I'm not going to pretend that I have been good with updating this site, something I need to change. I have received some very positive feedback on Winter's Trial from some very wonderful people here and elsewhere. Therefore, it is remiss of me to not (finally) promote my short story, The Snow Queen.

Back in January I submitted a short story to Torquere for their Torqued Tales anthology, which is the retelling of classic fairy tales. It may not shock you, based on the title of this entry or the story itself, that I chose The Snow Queen. I rather liked it, and have received some positive reviews on it.

It was published in late April...right when I had a very, very terrifying health scare. The word "cancer" was used more than once as a possibility. Two months, several anxiety attacks, a meltdown, and umpteen doctor's appointments later, I was told everything was fine. What this did was send any updates or promotions into the toilet. I didn't come here, because it represented what I wanted to do and couldn't bring myself to. So, I am updating now and will try to do so more often.

Here is the blurb:

Gavyn's childhood love, Kain, is enchanted by the shards of a vile mirror and flees to the mountains with a mysterious woman. Visited in the night by the mirror's bestial creators, Gavyn realizes Kain has been bewitched and sets off to rescue his beloved.

On his journey, Gavyn encounters magick, danger, friends, and allies as he uncovers depths of strength he never knew he possessed. Yet, as Gavyn journeys toward Kain, sinister tendrils of magick suffuse his travels, and the Snow Queen herself may bar his way. If he survives, Gavyn will never be the same.

This story is also available in the Torqued Tales M/M Anthology.

Here is a buy link on Amazon:

The point is that, despite my total lack of activity, my publisher has been doing what they do. Since The Snow Queen was only a 30 page story in a much longer anthology, many sites didn't review it. Many will only review stand alone novels and novellas.

That being said, I have garnered two reviews, both of which are very positive. As a way of weak ass promotion and of phoning  in this blog entry (my hands are aching...more on that later), here are the links to the reviews I have garnered:

Rainbow Book Reviews: (They don't do stars, but it was very positive)

Joyfully Jay: (4.75 stars out of 5 for my story, though the review has a huge spoiler...or at least I hope my story wasn't so transparent so that it wasn't at least a little bit of a spoiler. Who can say?)

Very cool, right? Until next time!