So, to some fellow geeks, the similarities between my name (obviously a pseudonym), and a certain character from Sailor Moon cannot be ignored. If you noticed the similarity you would be both right and wrong. Here's how it happened:

     My friend and I were writing an incredibly fun -- we'll call it an exercise and leave it at that -- and I was creating an alternate character within that framework. I have always loved the name "Darren" and so I knew that I wanted it as his first name. The character was tall, dark haired, and quite attractive, but sort of growing into his body and with almost no clue about his attractiveness.

     At that time, I was absolutely wretched at picking out last names, so I handed it over to my friend and told her, "Help me! My brain betrays and hurts  me!" She is quite good at names in general, so she came up with something symbolic based on the character: Endymion.

     I cackled. She had no idea, having never seen a single episode of Sailor Moon, that Tuxedo Mask's English name was Darien or that in the future he was known as Prince Endymion. He has dark hair, blue eyes, and is both tall and very attractive.

     In mythology, Endymion was a beautiful youth so beloved by the goddess of the moon that she did everything she could to possess him. So, Naoko Takeuchi was amazing in choosing Tuxedo Mask's name in the Sailor Moon manga, and my friend was equally amazing in choosing my character's name. In retrospect, the name should have vomited forth from my brain, but it didn't. Considering that my friend came to it with no knowledge of Sailor Moon, I considered it perfect.

     It had a nice ring to it and stuck with me. When I was searching for a pseudonym for myself, still suffering from Last Name Stupidity, I could think of nothing. (Said stupidity is evident in my novel, Winter's Trial. "Lightfoot" is not a Native American name, but I liked it so much and it fit Taylor so well that I kept it. Etymology be damned.) 

     Sailor Moon is my touchstone. (Yes, I know how gay that sounds.) Whenever I'm depressed or feeling lonely, I go watch a few episodes and I feel better. I even like the horribly sliced up and butchered but totally charming DiC dub. Sailor Moon cheers me up (unless it's late-Stars. My god, that season got depressing. Usagi/Serena's scream toward the end? No thank you.) So, though I knew it would be in some ways too similar, I decided to keep the pseudonym. 

     There are other indications of my fandom in Winter's Trial. I point you to the scene in the diner. Of course, if you are a Sailor Moon fan and you have read my book, you already knew that, didn't you?

     So, that is the origin of my name. It started out innocently enough, but I liked it enough to keep it. I obviously have nothing to do with Sailor Moon and have no rights to it, so we will call this an unwitting and much-loved homage. And if you don't know all this, it just sounds kinda cool, which is the intent. 

     I will leave you with a painting of Endymion which is according to my research (I pray), in the public domain: